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Decorative reproduction of a revolver, made of metal and plastic handles, with a simulated loading and firing mechanism, as well as a rotating drum.

Originally Python is a two-sided revolver calibrated to the powerful Magnum .357 ammunition. Also known as "Combat Magnum". It was presented for the first time in 1955, and its goal was a segment of luxury revolvers. It is an acclaimed revolver because of its precision, smooth movement and solid construction.

Some firearm collectors and writers such as Jeff Cooper, Ian V. Hogg, Chuck Hawks, Leroy Thompson and Renée Smeets described Python as one of the best revolvers ever made.

The model appears in popular culture in video games such as ResidentEvil, Grand Theft Auto, Naughty Dog or Half-Life saga, as well as in series such as The Walking Dead.


Material: zinc and aluminum alloy

Plastic cladding

Producer: Denix


Overall length: 36 cm

Barrel length: 19.8 cm

Weight: approx. 1.13 kg

Magazine for 6 pieces of ammunition, lateral opening.

Marking on the barrel: D in a circle and 16,382 plus D.S.A. 32 on the trigger.

The transhipment mechanism works fully. You can give away the so-called dry shot

Our replicas are made of special alloys, which makes it impossible to adapt it to the firing of any ammunition (our replicas are devoid of any weapon attributes as defined in the Act on Weapons and Ammunition). It is not a real weapon deprived of utility in the meaning of the Act on arms and ammunition, where the process of depriving us of functional features is very strictly regulated by law (special gunworks, etc.). Our replicas do not constitute weapons or alterations and can be bought without permits as replicas.

A holster stand and hangers are not included. The price does not include them.