POLISH cavalry SABRE WZ 1917 RADZIWILLOWKA with scabbard

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POLISH cavalry SABRE WZ 1917 RADZIWILLOWKA with scabbard


Manufacturer: Spanish Armorers (WZ 1917 / P)

The presented saber is a model of polish cavalry saber wz. 1917. They were produced in Borowski, Bieńkowski, Morawski and Eichorn works. Used by Polish cavalry during victorious Polish-Soviet war (1919-1921).


Length: 90 cm
Weight: 2 kg

The saber has triple-hoop handle originated from Russian saber. Three hoops connected to one unit hoop.
The cross-guard and hood are gold colored. The hilt covered by black leather and tangled around by golden thread. Moreover the handle decorated by tassels, characteristic to sabers from 19th and first decades of 20th century.

The set include chrome steel scabbard.


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