POLISH SABRE NAVAL WZ 1976 with scabbard

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POLISH SABRE NAVAL WZ 1976 with scabbard


Manufacturer: Spanish Armorers

The presented model is an exact replica of Polish navy saber patterned wz. 1976. Designed by weapon experts, historians and soldiers as a ceremonial weapon, refers to Polish Hussar saber and wz. 34. Produced by Lodz’s firm Wifama.


Length: 99 cm
Weight: 1,5 kg

The blade is straight, with engraved floral motifs, Polish white eagle with crown and inscription “HONOR AND FATHERLAND” on the one side. Second side is smooth. Clearly showed feather.
The hilt has golden casing and is fully closed. The cross-guard with bounded tassels to the hoop. The back side of the grip covered by extended hood. The pommel moved forward.

The scabbard was made of wood, covered by black leather with brass fittings. Near the upper ring there are two straps.

The prize doesn’t include the stand.