POLISH SABRE Officers WZ 1921 WITHOUT scabbard

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POLISH SABRE Officers WZ 1921 WITHOUT scabbard


Manufacturer: Spanish Armorers (WZ 1921)

The presented model is an exact replica of Polish officer?s saber wz. 1921. This is a reconstruction of original saber, gave to Polish colonel Waclaw Murilla. This saber was produced in German city Solingen in Carl Eickhorn?s armorers company (the original saber has under the moustache company sign ? the squirrel and company name).


Length: 90 cm
Weight: 1,5 kg

This saber has completely closed hilt. The cross-guard and hood are golden color. The grip covered with black skin leather and interweaved by golden thread. The blade decorated on one side with the polish eagle and inscription ?GOD HONOR HOMELAND?. Blade?s second side is smooth, able to engraving. This model is unable to sharpening.

The prize doesn?t include a stand.