POLISH SABRE Officers GENERAL SIKORSKI WZ 1920 with scabbard

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POLISH SABRE Officers GENERAL SIKORSKI WZ 1920 with scabbard


Manufacturer: Spanish Armourers (WZ 1920).

This model is a replica of so-called souvenir saber. It was the name-day gift for general Władysław Sikorski from his subordinates – 22nd infantry regiment, gave in 1920. This saber is the unique item, made for this special occasion. This type of sabers produced by the Warsaw firm of G. Borowski in 1920s. The factory which casted the whole hilts from brass. Today an original Sikorski saber is at the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw.


Length: 93 cm
Weight: 1,6 kg

The blade is flat with the lightly shown, one side feather. One side of the blade have symbolic ornament – shield arms and Polish eagle with the crown. Below engraved “FOR HONOR OF FATHERLAND”. Other side of the blade are smooth. The hilt is fully closed, in the form of the one cast. The form of the hilt is related with the karabela's. The cross-guard bent inwardly with flower ornament on the background of carp husk. The pommel of the hilt is on the form of eagle head with the crown. The grip is on the form of eagle neck with feathers.

The scabbard made of chrome steel with two rings. Between the rings is the stylized monogram WS.