PROVE coats of arms panoply (518)

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  • Manufacturer: DENIX SPAIN
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Manufacturer: Denix Spain (518)

This model is made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum, and wood.

Plate height: 29 cm
Insert width: 23 cm

weight: 0.9 kg

Both swords are drawn. One is a replica of the sword of Richard the Lionheart and the other a replica of the sword of El Cid'a.

Beautiful and elegant replica panoply shield is made from the highest quality materials: silver and metal. In ancient times, the term is meant a complete kit ciężkozbrojnego warrior. Later melee weapons (that is, one which served to melee) more often than on the battlefield encountered was on the wall. Hanging arm reminded of the old wars. A replica of the golden panoply of successful appeals to those, how interesting, but troubled times.