REPLICA crossbow chivalrous With XV In (AG1F.01)

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REPLICA crossbow chivalrous With XV In

This model is an exact replica of the original.

Manufacturer: Italy (AG1F.01)

The crossbow called in Latin balista in Poland has various names: self-shot, shot or shotgun and was the most popular shooting weapon in 15th century. It has great impact during the Thirteen Years’ War (1454-1466) between Poland and State of the Teutonic Order, at the battle of: Malbork, Frydland, Świecino and Gniew.


Length: 52 cm
Wide: 38 cm
Weight: 0,6 kg

This replica of the crossbow was made of wood and zinc and aluminum alloy. It has also the bolt replica. Its maximal range gained 400 metres. The shooting energy was even ten times stronger than shooting with bow. The initial speed was 150 m/s. The highest efficiency was in shooting at 75-90 meters, when quarrel gained maximum speed and could destroy steel knight’s armor.