Samurai sword KATANA FOR TRAINING, STEEL 1060, R874

Manufacturer: FORGE samurai swords
Net Price: €143.37 / szt. €176.34 / szt.
THIS UNIQUE SWORD is produced entirely by hand in small blacksmithing.

  The sword was made according to old Japanese rules. Hand-forged and hand polished. At the edge of the visible beautiful hamon.

It's hard to find such a good model at such a low price.

Manufacturer: FORGE samurai swords (R874)



The scabbard (saya): hardwood

  The handle (tsuka) Material: genuine leather skates and hard wood

Beautifully and carefully made decorative metal elements such as Kashira, Menuki, fuchi, Tsuba and habaki

Weight after packing: 2.0 kg


The price of the set doesn't contain the box and the stand