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The Polish II Corps was created in July 1943, based on the Polish Army in the East (Commander Gen. Władysław Anders). He took part in the Italian campaign, fighting in the Monte Cassino massif, near Ancona and Bologna (1945). Soldier in the regular cloth field uniform of the British pattern, so-called Battle Dress, introduced just before the outbreak of World War II. Canvas equipment, consisting of a main belt, braces, a pair of universal pouches, a cover for a canteen, a backpack. Mk II helmet on the head. On the main belt, folding shovel / pickaxe and bayonet for the Lee Enfield Mk III rifle. On the right sleeve, a uniform POLAND stripe and identification marks of the II Corps (Warsaw mermaid) and 5th Kresowa Infantry Division (bison), which is one of the three tactical corps (the remaining are: 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division and 2 Armored Brigade). Armament is a 7.7-mm Bren manual machine gun with a magazine for 30 cartridges.
Michał Mackiewicz - Scientific employee of the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw

Figurine made in collector's quality, at the same time it meets the requirements of standards for toys from the age of 3.



Height of the figurine: 9 cm;
Material: plastic;
Figurine hand-painted.