THE BOOKends With Rapier (AG53/4)

Manufacturer: ITALY
Manufacturer's code: 8033622154808
Net Price: €46.47 / szt. €63.30 €57.16 / szt.

Manufacturer: Italy (AG53/4)

length of 1 part 21 cm

width: 14 cm

height: 20 cm

total weight: 2.5 kg

This model is made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum, and wood

Very practical and helpful - bookend with the rapier. Rapier is a weapon white, the most popular in Western Europe (XVI - XVII century), in Poland, primarily used by the army of a foreign autoramentu, which include the cavalry, dragoons or arkebuzerów. We are confident that bookend the rapier will be beautifully presented on a shelf with your collection of books.