LITTLE REPLICA Crossbow Pistol with 1423 R (AG23.01)

Manufacturer: ITALY
Net Price: €27.53 / szt. €33.86 / szt.

LITTLE REPLICA Crossbow Pistol with 1423 R

This model is an exact replica of the original.

Manufacturer: Italy (AG23.01)

length: 47 cm

width: 35 cm

weight: 0.7 kg

This model is made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum, and wood

Replica pistol crossbow, which have the opportunity to admire is just one of the many models of this unique weapon. Made history in the form of many interesting varieties. It comes from the Greek construction called gastrafetes, but it is the Roman variant - carrobalista signed up as one of the most deadly. No less action crossbow pistol was presented with the 1423 years. Our wonderful replica of a specimen, which credited to any serious collection.