Gangster THOMPSON TOMMY GUN M1928 -AL CAPONE- (1092)

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This model is an exact replica of the original, which can give additional empty-dry shot (weight and dimensions as the original).


Manufacturer: Denix Spain (1092)

Thompson submachine gun with a lock semi-automatic began its life in 1921, when betting Colt produced 15 000 units of the model M1921A. Because of the notoriety which added the use of the Chicago gangsters, they could not be sold until the outbreak of World War II. At the time of the explosion, however, was the only Allied PEEM and therefore to February 1944, before they were replaced by more modern Sten and M3, they produced a total of 1 750 000. During the war created a simplified variant of the M1A1 with a lock free.


Length: 86,5 cm
Weight: 4,4 kg

This model is made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum, which prevents the alteration of a firearm (as defined in the Law on weapons and ammunition). It has a removable magazine. The handle is made of natural wood. Thompson M1928 has characteristic drum magazine in front of the trigger for 50 bullets .45 ACP (11.43 x 23 mm). Powerful weapon on a short distance. Effective firing range is 50 meters. Muzzle velocity 285 m/s.


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