Pepesha 41

Manufacturer: DENIX SPAIN
Manufacturer's code: 8435089713015
Net Price: €164.36 / szt. €202.16 / szt.

CULT MACHINE GUN pepesha submachine wz. 1941

PPSh-41, known also as "Pepesha", is a Soviet gun designed by Georgy Shpagin, as a cheaper version of PPD-40. It was first used by the Soviet troops during the Winter War against Finland. The Nazi Germany forces, after acquiring this firearm during combat, decided to introduce a similar weapon for the military. Pepesha 41 can be equipped with a round box or a drum magazine, holding respectively 35 rounds and 71 rounds. Thanks to the low production costs and the use of easily obtained components, the gun was mass produced during the World War II and after, during the Korean War.

Our Pepesha 41 replica has a more recognisable drum magazine and is made of wood and alloy of zinc and aluminium.

Manufacturer: Denix (1301)
material; zinc alloy, aluminum and wood
Weight: 3630 g
Size: 85 cm

NON firing replica